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Mixed Cactus Flower Seeds

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  • Product Type: Bonsai

  • Climate: Temperate

  • Use: Outdoor Plants

  • Classification: Mini Garden

  • Applicable Constellation: Taurus

  • Function: Air Purification

  • Style: Perennial

  • Full-bloom Period: Summer

  • Flowerpot: Excluded

  • Variety: Flower

  • Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

  • Type: Blooming Plants

  • Location: Living Room

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100 Best Mixed Cactus Flower Seeds, giant shape , heat tolerant Succulent Perennial

510  Cactus is very common domesticated plants, cactus farming methods relative to other flower farming methods is relatively simple to introduce the following precautions cactus farming and:

 1, temperature: cactus likes hot, dry environment, even in the cold winter but also to ensure the growth of cactus temperatures above 20C, nighttime temperatures go below 10C. If you can not guarantee their optimum temperature or the temperature is too low, it is easy to lead cactus root rot.

 2, Pentu: dry environment suitable for cactus requirements with soil drainage and therefore, good ventilation, including calcareous sand, organic soil can be configured, for example: loam, leaf mold, coarse sand, gravel and limestone plus Chen Shi plaster crumbs mixed configuration. The best is to put a small amount of broken bricks and stones at planting time in the pelvic floor, tiles in order to ensure their growth process to facilitate drainage.

 3, planting: the cactus planting season is best planted in early spring, just in time for the temperature so that the most suitable prime growing season, helping the developed cactus roots. Pots for planting cactus also have certain requirements, not too large. Because too much space after adequate watering plants themselves can not be completely absorbed, and likes the dry cactus in moist soil over time easily lead to root rot. The size of the pots can accommodate as long as the ball can be a little gap. 

4, light: cactus growing need plenty of sunshine, can not long be placed in shaded corners. But be careful in Yunnan hot summer sun can not let their exposure. For indoor cactus farming, it can be illuminated using light to ensure that the growth itself to light demand.

 5, watering: Summer is the cactus growing season, but due to high temperature, water demand must ensure adequate watering, watering is best in the morning and evening when the temperature is relatively low so as to avoid high temperature lead sphere burns. At lower temperatures, humid air of the season sparingly watering cactus, but not excessive, so as to avoid the occurrence of decay.

 6, Huanpen: after a period of growth in the cactus sphere had to be replaced because of increased pots. To grow cactus in Huanpen to cut part of the old root more developed root system, but also in dry 4-5 days after planting into new pots, planting should not be too deep roots in the sphere of the basin soil flat surface for the best. New Huanpen planted cactus do not watering to avoid root rot, but can watering can spray.

Home-grown fruits vegetables flowers planting techniques:

1.For small particles seeds,without shell preservation seeds,can be sown directly without germination.

For example:succulents,strawberry,lavender,wildflowers,most of the vegetables.


2.Ready pots,soil and related tools.Covered with mud in the bottom of the pot,a thickness of about 15-30cm.  Then the seeds are sprinkled with the top,and then cover the seeds 1-2cm about the soil,the last watering it.

Wait for seed germination,the most critical factor is the temperature and humidity,most seeds at temperatures higher than 18 degrees,about 7-10 days to germinate.

After germination need plenty of sunlight and supplements fertilizers,plant growth habit under proper watering.

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