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GV18 Aplus Bluetooth Smartwatch

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  • Brand Name: twox
  • Function: Answer Call,Remote Control,Dial Call,Push Message,Passometer,Message Reminder,Sleep Tracker,Call Reminder,Fitness Tracker
  • Band Detachable: No
  • APP Download Available: No
  • Language: French,Italian,Russian,Spanish,Polish,Portuguese,Turkish,English
  • Style: Sport
  • Screen Shape: Square
  • Screen Size: 1.54 inch
  • Network Mode: 2G
  • Battery Capacity: >450mAh
  • Band Material: Rubber
  • Battery Detachable: Yes
  • ROM: <128MB
  • Waterproof Grade: Not Waterproof
  • System: None
  • Rear Camera: 0.3MP
  • Movement Type: Electronic
  • Multiple Dials: Yes
  • Application Age Group: Adult
  • RAM: <128MB
  • SIM Card Available: Yes
  • Compatibility: All Compatible
  • Mechanism: No
  • GPS: Yes
  • Type: On Wrist
  • Case Material: stainless steel
  • Function: anti-lost
  • camera: 0.3M
  • name: Aplus gv18
  • smart watch: yes
  • battery: 550 mAh
  • sim card type: mirco sim
  • SIM card: support
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900/Mhz
  • performance: camera watch
  • model: gv18 smart watch

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GV18 NFC Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera Unlocked SIM Phone Watch Sync Call Music Reminder Anti-lost phone mate for IOS Android
NOTE: 1. Android Phone can use this watch's all functions. Other smartphones(such as for ios phone) can't use parts of functions which need APP, such as remote capture, messages, remote notifier.


This is Smart Watch that combines popular design with innovation technology. The smart watch is a quad band GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked phone that can be used anywhere all over the world. Sticking in a 2G SIM card and you gain an amazing communication device that works like a cell phone on your wrist.

With silicone adjustable wristband and light weight, you can wear it comfortablely anytime, such as running, climbing. What's more, with bluetooth V3.0, it is the best companion for smart phone. When you have calls, it will remind you and you can receive calls by watch. So you will never miss them! You can call directly by using the smart bracelet which has the built-in MIC and speaker.

It is also a health partner sports partner. This smart bracelet displays health parameters including steps, time and calories. Let you know your sports data right away.

Both as comfortable phone watch, smartphone companion and sports partner, it is the best and latest products for yourself and your friends!



main features


1. Phone Function

Work as a smartphone companion, also as a phone separately after inserting 2G SIM card

2. Bluetooth Function

With bluetooth V3.0, this smart watch is available for smartphones with bluetooth function( bluetooth should be V2.1 or above).

3. Sync Function

(1).Sync phonebook with smartphones; (2).Sync SMS only with Android devices; (3). Sync incoming call with smartphones; 4.Sync music with smartphones.

4. NFC

NFC function allow quick connection between smart watch and cellphones.

5. Anti-lost

Alarm with sound or vibration if leaving your smartphone away from 5- 10 meters.

6. Sedentary Reminder

Take a rest to avoid fatigue! Our smart watch havs sedentary reminder function to keep fit!

7. Looking Phone

When you can't find your phone, our smart watch will be useful! As long as you use the "looking phone"function. (only for Android Phone)

8. Remote Capture

You can take photos of whole family without other help, just use "remote capture" function. (only for Android Phone)

9. Camera

Take photos anytime anywhere.

10. Remote Notifier

When software on Android phone has some information, the smart bracelet will remind you. So you will never miss them even if in noisy party!

11. Sports Partner

This smart watch can record time, steps, calories and distance. Let you know your sports data, adjust your exercise program and get healthier life!

12. Sleep Monitor

When you sleep, it will monitor your sleep. Let you know your sleep quality right away.

Other features: Alarm, Music, image viewer, Calendar, Calculator, Sound Recorder, Video Recorder


full parameter



Basic Information

Model: GV18

Net Weight: 65g



Cellular Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz (support 2G , do not compatible with 3G or 4G network)

SIM Card: One

Service Provide: Unlocked

CPU: MTK6261

TF Card: Max. 32G(NOT included)



Display Size: 1.54 Inch

Type: Capacitive touch screen

Resolution: 240X240



Li-Battery: 450 mAh

Standby Time: 5 days

Normal use time: 2 days



Bluetooth: V3.0

NFC: Quickly connect bluetooth

Internet: Yes. WAP2.0

Speaker: Yes

MIC: Yes

FM radio: NO

Camera: 0.3M

Waterproof: NO


Package includes:

1 x Smart Watch

1 x USB Cable

1 x English User Manual
















NFC Wireless function




Mobile phone call synchronization




Catch the beauty of life





Intelligent anti-theft anti lost




Beautiful Sound for music enjoyment




Pedometer your health Butler




Remote camera video recording




Mobile phone contact sync




Mobile Phone Short Message Synchronization









Applicable to the crowd;



NOTE:If you order 1 pcs we send as this box without original box, if you buy more than 2pcs we will send with original retail box !



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GV18 Aplus Bluetooth Smartwatch

GV18 Aplus Bluetooth Smartwatch

<p> <script type="text/javascript"><!--//--><![CDATA[//><!-- // //--><![CDATA[//><!-- // //--><![CDATA[//><!-- // (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','','ga');ga('create', 'UA-64253719-1', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview'); //--><! //--><! //--><!]]></script></p> <div class="ui-box-body"> <ul class="product-property-list util-clearfix"><li class="property-item" id="product-prop-2"><span class="propery-title">Brand Name:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="twox">twox</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-43"><span class="propery-title">Function:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Answer Call,Remote Control,Dial Call,Push Message,Passometer,Message Reminder,Sleep Tracker,Call Reminder,Fitness Tracker">Answer Call,Remote Control,Dial Call,Push Message,Passometer,Message Reminder,Sleep Tracker,Call Reminder,Fitness Tracker</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200278266"><span class="propery-title">Band Detachable:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="No">No</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200278265"><span class="propery-title">APP Download Available:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="No">No</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200000884"><span class="propery-title">Language:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="French,Italian,Russian,Spanish,Polish,Portuguese,Turkish,English">French,Italian,Russian,Spanish,Polish,Portuguese,Turkish,English</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-327"><span class="propery-title">Style:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Sport">Sport</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200278262"><span class="propery-title">Screen Shape:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Square">Square</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-48"><span class="propery-title">Screen Size:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="1.54 inch">1.54 inch</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200276266"><span class="propery-title">Network Mode:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="2G">2G</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-1328"><span class="propery-title">Battery Capacity:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="&gt;450mAh">&gt;450mAh</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200009587"><span class="propery-title">Band Material:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Rubber">Rubber</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200277266"><span class="propery-title">Battery Detachable:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Yes">Yes</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200281263"><span class="propery-title">ROM:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="&lt;128MB">&lt;128MB</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200284261"><span class="propery-title">Waterproof Grade:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Not Waterproof">Not Waterproof</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-100004041"><span class="propery-title">System:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="None">None</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-276"><span class="propery-title">Rear Camera:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="0.3MP">0.3MP</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200000054"><span class="propery-title">Movement Type:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Electronic">Electronic</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200276268"><span class="propery-title">Multiple Dials:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Yes">Yes</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200006644"><span class="propery-title">Application Age Group:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Adult">Adult</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200283261"><span class="propery-title">RAM:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="&lt;128MB">&lt;128MB</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200283262"><span class="propery-title">SIM Card Available:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Yes">Yes</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-99"><span class="propery-title">Compatibility:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="All Compatible">All Compatible</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200278264"><span class="propery-title">Mechanism:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="No">No</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200276267"><span class="propery-title">GPS:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Yes">Yes</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-351"><span class="propery-title">Type:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="On Wrist">On Wrist</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-20280"><span class="propery-title">Case Material:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="stainless steel">stainless steel</span></li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-"><span class="propery-title">Function:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="anti-lost">anti-lost</span></li> <li class="property-item"><span class="propery-title">camera:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="0.3M">0.3M</span></li> <li class="property-item"><span class="propery-title">name:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Aplus gv18">Aplus gv18</span></li> <li class="property-item"><span class="propery-title">smart watch:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="yes">yes</span></li> <li class="property-item"><span class="propery-title">battery:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="550 mAh">550 mAh</span></li> <li class="property-item"><span class="propery-title">sim card type:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="mirco sim">mirco sim</span></li> <li class="property-item"><span class="propery-title">SIM card:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="support">support</span></li> <li class="property-item"><span class="propery-title">GSM:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="850/900/1800/1900/Mhz">850/900/1800/1900/Mhz</span></li> <li class="property-item"><span class="propery-title">performance:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="camera watch">camera watch</span></li> <li class="property-item"><span class="propery-title">model:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="gv18 smart watch">gv18 smart watch</span></li> </ul></div>

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